How to push react code to Github in simple way

Step 1): npx create-react-app appname

Here “appname” could be anything eg:blog,netflix,googleclon,datalabsclone etc.I assume appname=blog

Step 2): Change the directory to : cd blog

Step 3):git init (commnd terminal)

Step 4): go to github website (You must have github account) Login in to github

Step 5):(go to github website)create new Repository by click on “New” button of “+” sign on top right corner

Step 6): Give the Name of Repository and Click on create Repository Button

Step 7): Copy :git remote add origin

Step 8): git add .(dot) (terminal command)

Step9):git commit -m “Your commit message” (terminal command)

step 10):git push origin master (terminal command)

Step 11): It will ask for username and Password of Github ( on terminal)

Step 12):Go to github and refresh the browser

I am ReactJs Developer